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Thus, materials are recommended for reasons relating to both quality and demand.

That is, material found wanting in terms of quality may still be recommended if the reviewer anticipates strong demand from library patrons.

editors and reviewers participate in evaluation as an open-ended process and follow standard selection criteria consistent with the Library Bill of Rights and its various interpretations as adopted by the Council of the American Library Association.

Titles will not be reviewed more than six months past their publication date. When galleys are not available, requires two finished copies before a review can be published. Regarding books submitted for review in galley form, please send one finished copy of all adult titles, and two finished copies of all others, as soon as they become available.

These copies are submitted to reviewers and used throughout the year in the compilation of bibliographies and Editors’ Choice lists. Automatically send operates under policies established by the Publishing Committee of the American Library Association.

Realizing that adult library patrons often request materials before or soon after they are published, Adult Books staff strive to review new books as early as possible.

Titles judged likely to be in high demand—due to the quality of the book, the status of the author, the popularity of the subject, or any combination of these and other factors—are reviewed well in advance of publication, and the reasons for the anticipated demand are listed in a note following the review.

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