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For arts, history, and humanities, see the Notes/Bibliography system. Citing sources in this style consists of two parts: The in-text citation points the reader to the full information about the source found in the reference list. A Trial of Witches: a Seventeenth-Century Witchcraft Prosecution. Ko, Chih-Hung, Ju-Yu Yen, Shu-Chun Liu, Chi-Fen Huang, and Cheng-Fang Yen. "The Associations between Aggressive Behaviors and Internet Addiction and Online Activities in Adolescents." It is always better to consult the original source, but if it cannot be obtained, give information about the original source in the running text and include "quoted in" in your in-text citation for the secondary source. "The Blacker the Berry: Gender, Skin Tone, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy." Gender and Society 15 (3): 336-57. For more information see: Chicago Manual of Style, 15.47 Magazine articles can be cited in the running text (e.g., As Scott Spencer mentions in his May 1979 Harper's article "Childhood's End," ....) and not included in the reference list. If citing from a library database, include the database name. A dying author has written a dating profile for her husband of 26 years.Amy Krouse Rosenthal has ovarian cancer and said she hopes her partner, Jason, can find “another love story”.

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