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That night the town has a feast welcoming their guests.As everyone eats Langiva leads Osmund into the forest where many women are performing a ritual over the buried body of Averill.

Bustos and the three men are charged with robbery and first-degree murder.

While the majority of them probably aren't using them for the wrong reasons, police say you need to be careful because some of them are.“You just have to remember that you have no idea who you're talking to,” explained Chief Deputy Andy Ray of the Auburndale Police Department.

“The person may represent themselves as one thing and be something totally different.”Be suspicious, look people up before going on a date and don't let them know where you live, Ray said."Some people when they're feeling more emotional, more vulnerable, more desperate might not be thinking a hundred percent," said Dr. Wall, who has helped with thousands of relationships through Tampa Bay Match Makers, says people should get to know each other over coffee, not just a keyboard."You never really know who the person is unless you spend time with them," Wall said.

The bandits from the forest attack Ulric, Osmund, and the mercenaries.

Though the bandits are defeated, one member of the mercenary group is killed and Osmund is stabbed (not fatally, but badly).

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