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This can be filed as one of the frequently asked questions: “How can I apply for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan?” This article addresses that question in a very straight-forward and easy-to-understand manner. It’s conducted at any Pag-IBIG Office all over the Philippines. This will probably take a couple of days to comply.This is essentially what Markus is referring to, so it would be great if he could send us some information about his case, because it’s very good to have cases where we can then argue why it is important to have equal rights for everybody accepted in all Member States. What do YOU think should be the role of the EU when it comes to questions like same-sex marriage and civil partnerships?Currently, it is up to national governments to decide on issues related to family law, but should the European Union promote the mutual recognition of civil status across all Member States?

Ask your agent or broker if he/she can assist on the housing loan application most often you will be extended an assistance.We received a comment sent in by Markus, who told us of his personal difficulties travelling between EU Member States whilst being in a civil partnership: Having arrived in the member state I am studying in, I brought my girlfriend and daughter.My girlfriend quite properly wanted her own bank account.Voters in the Republic of Ireland will take part in a referendum on legalising same-sex marriage on Friday 22 May.They will be asked whether they want to change the country’s constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

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