Dating a divorce with child

“Guidelines” (also informally called the “Rules”) mean the Guidelines issued by the State of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

For more detail, see Tennessee Child Support Guidelines.

The child support worksheets, or just “worksheets,” are print-outs of the child support calculator that is available online.

(Links are provided below.) Print-outs of the parents’ agreed upon worksheets must be attached to the permanent parenting plan form for divorce.

Gross income includes all income from any source (before taxes and other deductions), whether earned or unearned, and includes: For more, see Overtime in Tennessee Child Support Law.

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Part III – Parents Share of Basic Child Support Obligation (BCSO) utilizes parenting time to determine the adjusted BCSO.

However, no credit is given for arrearage payments (overdue child support payments).

Documented proof of child support includes: The available credit against gross income for either parent’s qualified “not-in-home” children is the actual, documented, monetary support of the qualified other children, averaged to a monthly amount of support as paid over the most recent 12-month period.

Credits reduce the amount of gross income used to calculate the Basic Child Support Obligation.

These credits are: Credits are available for children under both a pre-existing order and a subsequent order.

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