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Starting in August, he will return for his first-ever stadium tour.

Actually that's, she's one of the ones that, I mean I started watching her videos and that's how I started getting into like singing and dancing and stuff."From The group is about to find out what it's like to play in front of a large American audience, even if most of them paid to see someone else. They're very down to earth Q: Who's the sexiest woman on the planet? When asked if the group is friendly with Janet, Chris [Kirkpatrick] jokes ' Yeah we talk to her every other day' and Justin chimes in ' Yeah, yeah I got her digits!

Later through the day Justin is seen quietly humming the melody of the song to himself. With this much influence on the worldwide popular culture, Justin's got a rare and totally intriguing perspective on the players and trends making up our lifestyle today. Justin along with Chris [Kirkpatrick] speak on touring with Janet and what they learned from her before introducing their tribute cover on the video screen.

AOL Host: A new question: Hey, guys, I'm so anxious to get your new CD. Tiger Beat gave him two choices in a bunch of categories and asked him for his very personal preferences. Timberlake interjects and humorously repeats that Janet is 'fine'.

But if Timberlake has converted to the older-women-make-better-lovers school of thinking, he won't cop to it. His next teen-hood girlfriend Veronica Finn, Britney's replacement for the group Innosense, also commented.

Ever since Justin Bieber rose to fame in 2008, the heartthrob singer has been romantically linked to many of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

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