Intimidating color

In 2016, we are making sure the true story of Black participation is heard, that no barriers impede our freedom to vote, that race and racism are not used to divide the majority of people who want progress in this country, and that the concerns of Black women and men effectively inform the national and local policy agenda. The Hollywood Culture Project is an initiative to change the rules in Hollywood, ensuring accurate, diverse, empathetic and human portrayals of Black people on television and throughout the media landscape.Well-established research shows that repeated inaccurate and dehumanizing portrayals of Black people negatively influence people’s perception of Black culture, communities and individuals, leading them to actually treat us differently and unfairly in real life—in their role as voters, teachers, doctors, employers, judges, policy makers, police… Our programs support Hollywood insiders who want to improve standards and practices from within.But to dismantle these profit incentives, we have to rewrite the rules of our media, democracy and economy, too.The media enable criminal justice profiteers: inaccurate, dehumanizing portrayals of Black people in news and entertainment feed the unfounded public demand for targeting Black people.Racist policing requires racist media to keep going.

It means holding elected officials and corporate leaders accountable, beyond elections.Voting is one of the only ways to be truly heard in America.Black participation has risen dramatically since the National Voter Registration Act of 1993—now surpassing white participation rates—and is increasingly necessary for national and local wins.Our campaigns directly challenge those profiting from dehumanizing us, holding corporate decision-makers accountable to the public. criminal justice system has always served as a way for those in power to control Black communities—suppressing our rights, impeding our growth, stealing our wealth, undermining our power and ruining our lives.Public policies should benefit communities, not destroy them. Today, corporations, municipalities, prosecutors and politicians profit way too much from these practices, both materially and professionally.

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