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You pay a fee depending on the media and the length, and can choose whether to have the originals sent back to you or recycled.

On the digital side, Pixorial supports .avi, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .dv, .rm, and uploads, up to 768 MB at a time.

Push a nut into the lug on the bench, then take it and slide it into the hole in the frame.

Holding the lug in place with one hand, use the other to screw in the M3 x 18 screw through the hole in the mating frame part.

Put together by former executives from Netscape and Oracle, Pixorial has been in private beta since January of this year.

Its mission is to "help people do more with video memories than ever before," and to that end offers an interesting mix of digital and analog video services.

Do take care after this to remember that this front section is NOT fully attached.

We don't attach it until the X carriage assembly is fitted, so until that point be cautious when moving the printer around, and hold the frame closed when moving.

Their job is to remove stress-concentrations in the frame.

As soon as the screw and nut are mated the rest is easy.

Tip : there are approximatly 150 NUT traps used in the frame assembly.

It is recommended that the nuts are held in place by either superglue or tape.

doing this in advance save a lot of time and expletives later on.

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