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The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that they have Armenian "patriots" taking to the street to do exactly what Turks and Azeris want them to do, drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia.Let's look at it this way: Russia has kept Turks and Azeris out of Armenia for the past twenty years, as well as for the past ninety years, as well as for the past two hundred years.Therefore, in Armenia's case, what's much more revealing to me than the 65% or so of those who view the Customs Union and Russia positively is the 35% or so who don't.And I would dare say that a vast majority of Armenians in Europe and north America would also much rather Armenia pursue a suicidal, Western path.They want their readership to see President Putin as an dangerous man and a bully that needs to be stood-up against and they present Russia as a backward nation who's miserable people desperately need Western support, naturally via democracy.Similar to how vampires fear the sunlight and the crucifix, demons in power centers such as Washington, New York, London, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv, fear President Vladimir Putin.

Georgia should be a nation that is 100% anti-Russia, yet half of the Georgian population is actually politically mature enough and has the foresight to view the Russian-led Customs Union as a possibility.Since then, not a single day passes without any one of the major Western news organizations and their subsidiaries around the world putting out a news article or a report that viciously attacks President Putin and paints Russia is very stark colors.I'd post some examples of what I am referring to but there are simply too many to choose from.How could it be that there is not a single positive Western news report about the state visit?How could it be that not a single Western news outlet ignored the protest by a small group of worthless idiots? Could this be part of their global information war against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation? I can look out my window and tell you there was more the 500 people protesting.

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