Odd obsession 1959 online dating

R16 I thought the same too, but no apparently Clooney has been getting the midnight boyfriends as well. Yes, your source seems impeccable, OP."One of my FB friends has a source very close to her that is currently working near to the man in question"Well, we can certainly take that to the bank!

r38, most religious conservatives endorse gay Christian men marrying women, as long as they are faithful and monogamous with their wife. I think it's about time for his beard to give an interview talking about their "hot" sex life and how he's turned on when she's wearing short skirts and stockings/garters a la Katie Holmes.

I mean he is practically a semi-god to many straight men because of being Wolverine.

What would they say, or would they even care at 2014 that one of their heroes is gay.

He just needs to stop being a pussy and come out already.

I guess we won't hold our breaths for that, though.

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