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Whether it’s a hog roast, a beach party, or an intimate rendezvous, there is no setting more romantic than sitting by a roaring fire while waves crash in the near distance.Every local will have his or her favorite hidden spot for special occasions—just another perk of dating someone from paradise.Residents of Hawaii are pretty awesome people, but even still they have difficulty competing with the awesomeness of the world they live in.Dating an islander gives you unlimited access to the most beautiful place around, with breathtaking views constantly found in every direction.

Consuming literally millions of cans of Spam annually, this precooked meat blend is a staple on the islands.

One of the most active states in the country, people living on Hawaii have fit bodies with rippling abs, a side effect of having some of the best hiking and surfing around.

Everyone looks like they should be modeling the latest swimsuit in a magazine ad, but that would require leaving the island, something they’ll never do.

Long-term residents of “the Aloha State” have been chowing down on this unconventional protein source since they were in diapers and they’re bound to have a few great recipes of their own.

If your lover isn’t the cooking type, they’ll at least know where the best local place is to get their Spam feast on.

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