Sexy ichat

This icon is amazing; the detail on it is great and it would look superb on your desktop or wrist if it were real.

i Tunes and the Mac App Store app share the same icon design, but they are probably not as great or as detailed as they could be.

If you would like to have your messenger apps all look the same, this is the one for you.

Concept Watch icon is probably not going to replace any of your current icons, but that doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind that some are completely free even for commercial use, and some are only free for your own personal use.

Also if you are having trouble changing icons, here is a tip: You don’t need Candy Bar in order to change icons, the simple copy and paste procedure works just fine; however, if copying the icon and pasting it in the info window doesn’t work, all you need to do is open the icon (ICNS) in Preview and select all then copy and paste it into the info window.

You can also check the designer’s site to see even more great icon ideas and designs. This set of carefully crafted icons take the personality of many loved movie characters.

It simply looks like an amazing piece of tech — and yes, it does make me want to click it more.

It is never a bad idea to customize these icons in order to make them even more appealing than they already are.

The icons below are only a few of the many beautiful design pieces people have created for your enjoyment.

This will pick up the various icon sizes that are within the ICNS file.

Let us know what you think of these icons and share your own collections in the comments below!

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