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It has a new character Roberto, available for a limited time.There is also 3 new hoverboards, 2 are limited, Chicky and Kick Off and the newest Scoot.Bu oyundaki konu, tren istasyonunda trenleri sprey ile boyarken yakalanan bir çocuğu ve onu köpeğiyle birlikte kovalayan görevli.Görevliden kaçarken toplanması gereken altınlar ise oyunun puan kısmını oluşturuyor.

Subway Surfers World Tour: New York Released January 2013 This one also was available for free.This character costs 95,000 coins, with 3 new additional hoverboards, a new hoverboard with power is also available, Daredevil which can surf lot faster. Another powerup Score Booster can increase your multiplier by 5.Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome Released February 2013 This the actual edition that we're all playing.In addition, you must avoid obstacles and traps, collect the money and finish Skullies a move to the next level.Fred with special features you can upgrade with Skullies.

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