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When the song hit its synth-driven peak, the lights turned red and she dramatically dropped the hood, briefly revealing her face.During the next song, “Wild,” the band remained mostly hidden, until a flash of white lights illuminated the stage.While Beach house will always remain my one and only true love, they have taught me to look deeply into the whole of a band…not just the music it produces…and I’m entirely grateful to them for that.I wanted to look deeply into Daggerhearts…but I couldn’t, because there was nowhere left to look.The rest is kind of history at this point."On the band's unique sound "I think it's probably complicated, because part of it is just the actual instruments we use.Guitar, we play with guitar and organs and drum machines and reverb and stuff.

"No, because certain songs are all about endlessness, and most of our last songs on records - I think every single one of our last songs on records - have ended with fades.There's no pressure to do anything or be this or that. I think sometimes when I talk to everyone and people in New York, they all work in their apartment, because nobody has a practice space, nobody has that kind of stuff.Everyone just kind of works with headphones on a computer.I’ll begin by giving you the story behind the story.I like to think that fate brings to us the people and the things we are destined to find.

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