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5 Kate Bush Mother Stands for Comfort Hounds Of Love, 1985 In 1985 British popular musical taste reached an avant-garde high.

Despite being full of difficult, weird songs such as this one, Hounds Of Love ousted Madonna’s Like A Virgin from the top spot.

Everything’s perfect: the melody, the bizarre lyrical mash up of Aleister Crowley weirdness with cosy domesticity, all delivered with such artless charm: ‘I’ve made some breakfast and coff-ee-ee-eee…’ 19 Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore Led Zeppelin IV, 1971 Besides having the best mandolin intro ever, The Battle Of Evermore is quite possibly the finest flowering of Zep’s epic ‘Gandalf waggles his pointy slippers’ folk rock phase. 20 Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile Electric Ladyland, 1968 Fifteen minutes long, this extended version of Voodoo Chile finds Hendrix in devastating form.25 Johnny Cash The Mercy Seat American III: Solitary Man, 2000 Every cover song the Man in Black did was better than the original and this one with Hurt is his greatest.That ravaged, wise, bleak, Old Testament prophet’s delivery convinces you that Cash really is up there on death row, strapped to his chair, uttering his last words.His Eighties cover became one of his most beloved hits, despite being no threat to Wonder’s original.31 Neil Young Cowgirl in the Sand Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, 1969 You want check-shirt wearing, feedback-fuelled hairy dudes singing about the magnetic lure of dangerously foxy chicks and rock-star drugs?

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